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1-1 Yoga

Personalised Yoga Sessions

“Amy is a superb instructor and guide. She took the time to really understand my aim in learning yoga. In sessions, she is precise in diagnosing where/how I need to improve and in prescribing or creating positions and movements to achieve that improvement. I have discovered yoga quite late in life, and have been grateful to find an empathic and expert instructor who can accommodate my limitations and guide me forward in effective practice.”

1-1 client


Do you really want to get your life back, your identity back and stop being plagued by the struggles your body is giving you on a daily basis?

Are you dealing with any of the following:

  • back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • scar pain (from a caesarean birth)
  • scar itchiness
  • a belly pooch you can’t get rid of
  • leaking
  • headaches
  • shoulder pain
  • knee pain

No one wants to live with these problems so we do what we can. We take painkillers, see if the GP can help, go to the gym, a physio or osteopath but if none of this is solving your problem then we need to seek help elsewhere.

If you want to put an end to these struggles and finally feel like you are in your own skin again, stop feeling like everything is too hard, and be physically fitter and stronger, then look no further.

Private Tuition with Amy

When you have 1-1 sessions with me we will look deeply for the root cause of your problems. I will get you to start waking up muscles that have been asleep for possibly a very long time and most of all I will help find a way to make you feel fabulous again.

My aim for you will be to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to eventually practice confidently on your own, to really know your body and how to move it so that you are always preventing injuries and by the time we finish working together, the things you came to me for help with, will be a thing of the past!

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What Some of My Students Have Said



I suffered from a meniscus tear caused by long term strain and a recent gym related injury. I was In pain, helpless and frustrated. The most frustrating part was basic movement like walking would cause a sharp pain. All the professional advise I had received so far was to stay home and let it heal, of-course in the real world stopping is not an option. I found the physios exercises were generic and non specific to the issue, and didn’t appear to relieve any pain, for this I was supplied pain killers and weekly follow ups in preparation for potential future surgery (not ideal) since I didn’t feel the need for such a drastic operation at such an early age. Amy diagnosed the problem with a few simple exercises. We started with simply walking. Amy pointed out that my hip alignment and right knee were compensating for my left knee. My bum had given up and the muscles around my knee had switched off, this was causing my body to compensate for my knee injury. Amy pin pointed the issue and went on to explain the route cause throughly. She then provided me with specific yoga related exercises that re-engaged my glutes, quads and forced my big toe into alignment. With this in mind I repeated the tailored exercises daily and began to feel relief in my knee, this gave the opportunity for my left knee to begin to start recovering whilst I continued to travel into work and get back into the gym. Now I can walk without pain, sit without pain and now I have a better understanding into what my body needs. I am now mindful of how I walk and how I engage certain muscles correctly whilst at the gym. I am able to get back to my busy life in heals! and my knees feel great! On route to full recovery!



It has taken me ten years of attending yoga/Pilates classes and having regular private sessions to gain an understanding of the postural issues that my body suffers from. After attending couple of Amy's sessions, it was obvious that she very quickly understood my underlying issues and was able to provide me with the necessary support. Amy has such a wonderful and professional way about her that I trusted her immediately and asked her for private sessions. Amy is very kind, intelligent and passionate practitioner. She provided thoughtful and appropriate exercises during our sessions. She explained the details of the exercises so I could gain a deeper understanding of why I was doing the exercises. Her explanation and her exercises has provided me with a deeper insight about my body which has in turn has made my body and mind to connect.

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