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Yoga Class For Parents

Are you a parent or parent to be?

  • Do you need time for yourself?
  • Do you want to feel like yourself again?
  • Do you have no time for yourself?
  • Do you want to get stronger?
  • Do you want to get rid of the daily aches and pains in your body?
  • Do you want a safe a nurturing class during pregnancy?

I can help you get all of this with my weekly Yoga for Parents class where we spend one hour on you, rebuilding strength and stability with fun, challenging Yoga routines and taking time out to unwind and relax!

Imagine if you could come to a class and leave feeling like you’ve really offloaded your week and stepped away feeling so much lighter, and freer. How would that feel?

I’ve had MANY students come to class with back aches and leave feeling totally renewed and happy. Wouldn’t you love a piece of that?

As a mum myself and currently pregnant, I NEED space out from my family, I need time for myself that feels valuable and worthwhile and have never found anything more nourishing than Yoga and relaxation. I feel much calmer and much more able to manage the moments that test my patience!

It’s why I know having space like this is so important for parents! Life is hard and stressful as a parent in the modern world and you NEED time to unwind and you need to be physically capable of looking after your family. The last thing you need is to be taken out with a back, knee, hip or shoulder injury and these classes will help you prevent that.

In These Classes, I Will Guide You…

  • Through a class that gradually builds from release to strength
  • Through poses so that you get the absolute most out of every pose/exercise you do
  • in ways that will keep you safe
  • in ways that make you feel confident about what you are doing, even if you’ve never done it before
  • Through Yoga Nidra practices that will allow you to truly relax before heading home
  • Through breathing practices that positively stimulate the nervous system

These classes are for you if…

  • You’re a parent or parent to be looking for some me time
  • Dealing with chronic aches and pains that you want to get rid of
  • You’ve had a caesarean birth and are looking for someone who knows how to support you with your own personal needs
  • Are dealing with postnatal issues such as leaking, prolapse, painful sex etc
  • You are a mum to be looking for a class that will support you through pregnancy
  • You are a parent looking for a friendly and welcoming class that will leave you feeling like you’ve really spent your time well!


What people have said…

“Amy is a fantastic yoga teacher. I’ve attended classes in person and now over zoom for several years. Classes are challenging but fun, and I always feel better for having done them. They have definitely helped me to stay fit and build up strength, and to stretch out and relax, I would hate to miss one!”
Katie Ormerod
“Inspiring, compassionate funny yoga teacher.
Grounding experience, observant, adjusts precisely with clarity and receptivity.
Intrapersonal break down, lovely atmosphere, leaves me feeling mobile.
Highly recommend.”
Past student
“Amy is a fantastic teacher who really understands movement. She doesn’t just make you do poses, but breaks them down and you feel like you’re doing nothing, but the next day, the tell tale sore muscle in just the spot let’s you know she got it right. Thanks Amy”
Ed Moore
“Amy is a wonderfully inspiring and knowledgeable teacher. Each class is expertly planned and delivered and I walk out of class feeling full of the joy of movement!”
Maxene Momberg
“Amy is a superb instructor and guide. She took the time to really understand my aim in learning yoga. In sessions, she is precise in diagnosing where/how I need to improve and in prescribing or creating positions and movements to achieve that improvement. I have discovered yoga quite late in life, and have been grateful to find an empathic and expert instructor who can accommodate my limitations and guide me forward in effective practice.”
Andrew LPT
“I really enjoyed my first class, it was really so nourishing and made me realise how much I missed Yoga, I’ve now blocked out my Thursdays so I can come every week”
New student


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Founder of A to Z YOGA, award winner, pregnancy and caesarean birth recovery specialist, trained in pregnancy, and birth by FEDANT-approved programmes 

  • Thursdays 19:30-20:30
  • The Drill Hall, 1 Old Park Ave, Enfield EN2 6PJ and Online on Zoom
  • £5 Taster then £60 for 5
  • contact@atozyoga.co.uk