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Caesarean Phoenix > C-section Scar Recovery Masterclass

C-section Scar Recovery Masterclass

3 Pillars to Your Radiant Recovery:

  1.  Embrace Positivity: We’ll guide you on a journey of self-love and healing, banishing negativity. Embrace your body and your scar with newfound confidence.
  2.  Healing Touch: Learn expert massage techniques designed for C-section scars. Boost circulation, flexibility, and scar softening – restoring beauty and comfort.
  3.  Power Your Core: Strengthen your core for a healthier, more toned abdomen. Unleash your inner strength and reclaim your body’s vitality.

Join us on this empowering path to a more vibrant you! 💪✨


Here’s what attendees have said about the masterclass:

“Thanks Amy – I really enjoyed the C-section Masterclass! It was great to learn some new techniques for scar massage and exercises to address ‘the overhang’, which is still there two years later. Putting everything into smaller, more manageable chunks has also made it much easier to squeeze into a busy lifestyle with young children. I now feel I have the knowledge and motivation to focus on my recovery journey and I can’t wait to see all the positive changes!” G.W

“I have been attending Amy’s yoga for parents class for a few months and loving it so, when I heard about Amy’s c-section recovery masterclass, I signed up straight-away and joined live. It felt great to have my birth and post-partum experience validated by hearing medical facts about C-section surgeries and how this major operation affects our post-partum bodies and recovery, which is quite a different experience to that of non-C-section mums. Facts which shockingly most of us don’t know and affect us directly!

It was refreshing to get Amy’s encouragement to actively work on healing our scars (physical and psycological) as opposed to just “get on with it” and live with the issues. I now feel more equipped to work on my healing during my mat leave – as much as my baby allows – and beyond!

Until postpartum care becomes common place on the NHS, I encourage all struggling c-section mums to seek help privately from dedicated female professionals who actually understand – and I can personally 100% recommend Amy who really cares and works tiredlessly to spread her knowledge – even when pregnant! and is so passionate about women’s birth and recovery.” M.D


Is this masterclass suitable for me?

  • If your scar has fully healed then yes this is right for you
  • whether you had your c-section 6 weeks or 6 months or years ago this masterclass is perfect for you!
  • There will be time for Q & A’s at the end

You Will Leave Feeling Confident and Ready To Start Your C-section Healing Journey On Your Own!

  • Be confident and able to touch and massage your scar
  • Know how to reconnect to your abs and pelvic floor
  • Know how and when to start strengthening your core
  • Start to regain trust in yourself and your body
  • Get the masterclass now for just £50

About Amy 

yoga teacher



I have been teaching Yoga since 2011, always within the realms of preventing and healing injuries and trauma.

I had my son in 2020, 2 weeks after we went into lock down. My birth experience was a shambles and ended in a c-section.

During the healing journey I quickly realised the NHS gave you no decent support for healing and the amount of information online was limited. So I did my own research and worked on my body myself to heal.

I trained in postnatal corrective exercise. Spoke with surgeons and postnatal specialists. Read countless books and put everything into practice on myself.

I gradually found techniques that really worked and started to heal in more ways than I ever thought possible! I completely changed the look of my scar and belly and really got my core strength back to what it was before having my boy.

I’ve since worked with many c-section mamma’s, helping them to heal just as I have and seen the most amazing transformations!

I now train other Yoga teachers to do what I do so that I can spread this incredible happiness and knowledge that I know all mothers want to have!

I believe every woman deserves the chance to get their bodies back and it’s never ever too late to start!