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Why A to Z Yoga

“I have definitely got stronger and doing classes really makes me think about my movement outside of class” - Gemma C.

A to Z Yoga

Supports women who have had a caesarean birth to recover fully and gives those who want a VBAC the knowledge and guidance needed to achieve the birth of their dreams!

-- “Amy is so knowledgeable, patient and understanding, and the personalised support she offered was incredible. It was so lovely to be able to set time set aside to focus on myself and my recovery and gradually build up my confidence and strength once again - I really enjoyed it!
” --

Yoga For Parents

These group classes are designed to help people with hectic lives find some space to unwind, and gain strength so that the likelihood of injury is lessened (because no parent has time to deal with back spasms!) and to give you time to yourself, something every parent needs. 

Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Courses

These courses run twice a year and give the mother to be 12 weeks to get stronger, move better, and prepare the mind and body for birth. The course is specifically tailored toward those who want a physiological birth, a VBAC and want to know everything they need to properly navigate the birth system. With these courses, you will have a much more confident pregnancy and be able to step into birth with ease. 

1-1 Yoga Classes

You can see Amy for any personal need 1-1. Amy has been teaching 1-1 since 2012 and has helped people recover from chronic back pain, knee pain, sciatica, leaking, prolapse, and many more. Private tuition is ideal if you want to make big lasting changes!

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How Will A to Z Yoga Support You?

The A to Z Yoga method is built on knowledge, experience, and most of all PASSION! You get the best because you deserve the BEST!



Amy has been teaching since 2011, she trained initially with Elena Voyce to get her 200 hrs and British Wheel of Yoga certification and since then has furthered her training with physical therapy training, pregnancy and mindfulness training with Nadia Rafaat, Birth preparation training with Tessa Sanderson, Core Exercise Solutions with Dr. Sarah Duval and has read countless books learning from teachers who are also specialists in the field of pregnancy, birth, postnatal and human anatomy. Amy is now a teacher to teachers, further demonstrating her amount of knowledge.



Amy has had first-hand experience in everything she teaches. She has first tested everything she teaches on herself, seen and felt the changes in her own body, and with this experience has helped 100s of others now to gain the same amazing and long-lasting results! the testimonials and students results speak for themselves.



Perhaps most importantly, Amy is unbelievably passionate about the work she does! She loves to see people's lives change before her eyes and support people and women to get the births of their dreams. It breaks her heart to see women struggle in pregnancy, birth, and beyond and this is what drives her to give her students, YOU, the absolute BEST!