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2 Easy Steps to Get the Feeling Back in Your C-section Scar

The numbness that we all experience at the site of the c-section scar is, for most people, quite unnerving and surprising. No one ever warned me about this and I have since spoken to too many women who felt exactly the same. However, perhaps the most surprising thing is discovering that this lack of feeling doesn’t come back after a few days/weeks. Well, guess what? I’m here to tell you that you can get most if not all feeling back with some good rehabbing!

Why Do You Lose Feeling?

A caesarean is major surgery. You haven’t only a skin layer cut or keyhole surgery that leaves very minimal damage. You’ve literally been cut through (sorry to be graphic) every layer from skin to muscle to fat and your organs have been either cut or torn (they don’t cut through every single layer because this speeds up healing). This means they have cut through nerves and specifically the nerve endings that help us to recognise touch and texture.

The reason that feeling often doesn’t return is due to the way the tissues heal. They heal through the formation of scar tissue. This tissue forms very quickly and is very different from unscarred tissues. Unscarred tissue is stretchy, bouncy and really very movable, it allows for healthy movement of waste throughout the body and allows us to move freely. To touch it should feel soft and squishy. Scar tissue is tough, disorganised, doesn’t allow for much movement and feels very grisly to touch. Scar tissue will often continue to form for up to around 3 years and left alone it can impinge on nerves and create blockages in the body that stop the natural flow of waste through the body thereby leading to a belly pooch, although this isn’t the only reason for a belly pooch. This will be a whole new blog though.

Our body is just amazing! We can teach it to get back to where it should be because your body wants to work well!

How Do You Get Feeling Back?

As I said, the wonderful news is that you can get feeling back in your scar and low belly and this is because you can use massage techniques to soften the scar tissue and, in a sense, teach scar tissue how to react like unscarred tissue.

You can also use a technique called desensitisation that teaches your nerves how to feel again.

Our body is just amazing! We can teach it to get back to where it should be because your body wants to work well!

What Other Benefits Will Scar Massage Have on Your Body?

Lack of feeling is not the only symptom we can be left with after a caesarean birth. It can unfortunately cause a myriad of issues. But again, the great news is that rehabbing the scar will almost certainly help you alleviate most if not all of the issues related to having had a c-section. Massage is your number step to healing the following:

  • Back pain
  • Scar pain
  • Belly pain
  • Painful sex
  • Leaking
  • Belly pooch
  • Raised scar
  • Red scar
  • Numbness
  • Itchiness
  • Fertility issues
  • Even shoulder pain and headaches can be related to your scar

When Can You Massage Your Scar?

You can start as soon as your stitches have gone, and the scar has healed completely which should be around 6 weeks. If you can be patient though, wait another 2 weeks and start at 8 weeks.

The other AMAZING news is that if you’re reading this and you’re years and years postpartum then you can start this now and get exactly the same results as you would have if you started 8 weeks after birth! IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!


How to Massage Your Scar

You can get my scar massage video for free here and you will also get my desensitisation video here as well, but here is a detailed instruction on how to do the massage technique.

To do this get comfy, lay down on your back legs straight out.

Step 1 – Skin Level

In the beginning, just touching your skin may feel horrible, it can be super tight and it may even make you feel a bit sick so this is why we start with just skin level. With two fingers, just using the finger pads, you start above the scar on one side and move the skin up and down as much as you can and keep doing this along the length of the scar. Then going back the other way. Then from the same starting point move now move the skin side to side working your way along the length of the scar. Then back again. Lastly, at the same starting point, make small circular motions, moving along the length of the scar, do this slowly and if you find a spot that is almost unmovable, pause there, press down a little harder and take a couple of deep breaths and see if you then get the tissue to move a little more. Now do all 3 of those steps below the scar.

Now place your fingers on the scar itself you’re going to use just the up and down and side to side motions all the way along the scar, just at skin level. It may be very very tough on the scar, in the beginning, take your time. Go slow and gently.

Step 2 – Muscle Layer

Once your skin layer moves nice and freely and easily you can start massaging deeper. Using again two fingers, press down deeper until you feel your muscle layer. You then follow the exact same steps as above just on a deeper level.

Step 3 – Organ layer

Once both the skin and muscle layer feel soft and movable you can then start going right down into your uterus. To do this layer you will need to bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. I find this layer easier to get to by using one hand on top of the other and using about 3 fingers.

At the site of the scar itself press vertically down past the muscle and really until you feel resistance like you can’t go deeper. You’re then only going to do the side-to-side and up-and-down motions along the length of the scar.

As you do the up and down motions you need to try and scoop in and up to really get into the uterus. When you can get this deep you should be able to feel the uterus as you scoop.


I suggest massaging your scar daily until every layer feels soft and easily movable and then you can take it down to once a week, then once a month and then whenever you feel you need it. If the tissues start to get tight again go back to doing it daily for a while. This can happen especially in the first 3 years because scar tissue continues to form.


Start this now and I promise you will do yourself a massive service!

Get the free scar massage and desensitisation videos here