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5 Benefits of Partner Massage

Everyone loves a massage!
But wouldn’t it be amazing if you and your partner could give each other a really good massage?!
Not only is it free, but it has so many other benefits that a paid massage with a stranger doesn’t have.

Think about why you go for a massage normally. It’s likely to be because you’re feeling stiff, maybe stressed, in pain, or exhausted.

Now think about how it makes you feel. Relaxed, softer and happier. Those results are down to 2 things.

  1. you’ve had all your tight muscles and tissues released. This quite literally relieves tension, which of course will make you feel lighter.
  2. The human contact. Even if you’re not a lover, on the surface, of a stranger touching your body, we do need human contact, so it does make us feel better, when we’ve consented to it.

Now imagine how much better you’d feel if you got a great massage from a person you trusted, cared for and enjoy being around. You’d experience all the same positive feelings, but 10x more.

You'd experience all the same positive feelings, but 10x more.

Here’s the 5 benefits of partner massage 


  1. reconnecting with your partner on a very deep level. giving and receiving massages with your partner requires deep understanding, communication and of course touch. All this provides a better connection.
  2. You’ll get a bigger release of oxytocin than with a stranger. Purely because you are already in a comfortable space, with a person you’re most comfortable with. Oxytocin needs safety, comfort and trust for it to be released within your body. It’s nicknamed the shy hormone because it just won’t come out if there are bright lights, lots of people, or strangers. Pretty much any massage you pay for you’ll walk into a space that allows that happy hormone to come out, but you’re missing one important piece and that’d the trust between you and the person you’re getting the massage from.
  3. The higher release of oxytocin lowers your cortisol levels and therefore your stress levels. So, again you’ll get a higher quality release of oxytocin, which will mean even less stress.
  4. Partner massage promotes connection and trust because you have to communicate with each other about the way you feel and what you want.
  5. All of the above going on, plus the actual massage releases all kinds of tension!
It’s a big win win in my books!

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