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Could Your Physical Pains Be Linked To The Fact You’ve Had Children?

Are you constantly feeling tight? Does your back feel gnarly?  Are you tired and feeling like you’ve lost sight of yourself?

Did you say yes to all of the above? I’m guessing you did. Because if you’ve read on to this paragraph then I reckon you’re hoping those questions are going to lead to answers. I’m happy to say that they will!

The biggest question, and the way you’re going to know whether this blog is worth reading for you, is if you have had a child or children, EVER… Yes? Great, then keep reading!

So, here’s the thing. We all know being a mum is glorious, you love your babies and you wouldn’t change the fact you’ve had them for a second. Ok, now we’ve got those semantics out of the way we can carry on. Thing is, they do wreak havoc on your body.

Whether you had a natural birth or instrumental birth also needs to be taken into consideration because an instrumental birth will come with far more physical implications. Either way though, carrying a child, whether it was 12 weeks, 12 months or 12 years ago, will have an affect on your body. This can be for a number of reasons.

carrying a child, whether it was 12 weeks, 12 months or 12 years ago, will have an affect on your body. This can be for a number of reasons.

Why Having Carried A Baby Is Still Causing You Physical Pain

  1. Your skeletal body changed shape during pregnancy and for most women, it doesn’t just bounce back to what it was prior to being pregnant.
  2. Pregnancy put stress on your muscles. You had to grow a human being! This meant your muscles had to stretch pretty damn fast. Think about it for a second. Let’s say you first carried a baby to full term when you were 30. It took your body around 21 years to fully grow. That’s mighty slow. During pregnancy, however, your tummy had to expand to grow around a 6lbs baby (perhaps more, perhaps less) in just 9 months! That’s nothing. And I have news for you. It wasn’t just your tummy that had to expand; your breasts enlarged to produce milk, your ribs had to widen to make space for the baby and so did your pelvis! That is a lot of fast movement and growth and that’s going to have a lasting effect.
  3. You had to birth your child one way or another. If you had a completely natural birth and had very little tearing then actually, it probably hasn’t had that much of a lasting effect. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for most modern birthing women. The likelihood is you had some sort of intervention. 80% likely in fact. And 31% likely it was a caesarean. In the simplest of terms. A caesarean is a major surgery, so that is most definitely going to cause lasting problems. The use of forceps and the like can cause undue stress on the pelvis, pelvic floor, and perineum, all again creating long-lasting problems. Epidurals can really cause long-lasting issues due to the chemicals and effects on the body and spine.
  4. What about the mental implications of birth? Considering over 30,000 women experience birth trauma these days you need to take this into consideration. Birth trauma or even feeling that parts of your child’s birth were traumatic can have a lasting effect. It could affect your sex life. Your own image of yourself, leaving you feeling like you’ve lost who you were. Make you feel a lack of confidence and just generally crappy!
  5. Then what about life as a mum? This is the big one because this is the truly lasting one. Life changes BIG TIME, doesn’t it?! Suddenly, you have a lack of time. Lack of sleep. Hectic life and all that leaves you zapped of energy. So, of course, you’re not going to have any energy to spend time on yourself. You should not beat yourself up for that. It’s bloody hard navigating life in this role
  6. Lastly, there are physical acts you undertake as a parent. You pick children up and they’re heavy! Maybe yours are older and you simply cart them all over the place in your car. You probably carry heavy bags of items, shopping, and luggage. You may still be at the feeding stage, which certainly requires mental and physical undertaking. Couple all of the above with the lack of time to move, exercise, and spend time on yourself, and probably doing all of that with a lack of physical strength or stability. You’re bound to have problems!

So, how the hell do you start feeling motivated, strong, flexible, and like yourself again?

Here’s How To Get Yourself Back

  1. Discover where you’re at. What is physically causing you pain? Is it your posture, the way you’re moving, and the repetitive movements you’re doing?
  2. Figure out where you are mentally. Have you truly overcome the birth experience you had? Is life simply too hectic and overwhelming?
  3. You’re not going to like this one because there are no shortcuts to this, I’m sorry. But MAKE TIME! Remember, I’m a mum too. I currently have a toddler, I run my own business and I work part-time, at the moment (to support a mortgage) Life is seriously hectic! So, I must make time. You’re going to have to do the same. I’ll tell you how in a bit.
  4. Change your habits. I mean this both physically i.e., changing the way you pick your child up, and mentally, which refers to making time.
  5. Eat well. I really can’t stress this enough. Eating junk, lots of dairy, and animal products is not going to make you feel any better (trust me I’ve been in a cycle of this too). You need to cut out the crap and start eating way more whole foods; fresh fruit, dried fruit, veg, small quantities of nuts and seeds, legumes, wholegrain rice, pasta, bread, cous cous, non-dairy milk, etc. I am not saying you need to go vegan forever at all. I’m simply saying increase the whole foods and decrease the high calorie high saturated fatty foods and those are meats, eggs, dairy, and processed foods.

The Steps To Follow

  1. Assess your own body and movements. Take a look at this reel of mine for more help on this.
  2. Have someone else assess your body and movements. You can join my group classes online or in person where I will be able to see what’s going on for you and give you pointers and tips to get your strength and flexibility back. If you want a more thorough and bespoke look at yourself then let’s have a chat and see if I can help you 1-1.
  3. Make time. I mentioned this above, so here’s how to do that. Schedule time in your diary to do the following.

Walk – This could be one big walk or broken up across the day

Exercise – Do at least 10 minutes per day of whatever exercise you like. This could be dancing, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, running, etc. Whatever takes your fancy. Schedule this time in your diary and stick to it! I prefer early morning before my son wakes up. But if that doesn’t happen (perhaps if he wakes up too early) then I do some when he’s around or napping.

Breathe – Take mini moments to take deep breaths

Ask for time – We all do it. We want to be the hero and do everything ourselves but sometimes that’s not possible and we need someone to look after our little one. So, don’t be the hero. Get your partner, parent, friend anyone to look after your child/children and do something for yourself.

  1. Schedule 1 group Yoga class per week. The reason I say to do this is not just for the exercise itself but also for the company. My group classes keep me sane, honestly! Not to mention with Yoga you gain the benefits of breath work and meditation to aid with that stressed mind!
  2. Make a meal plan and get rid of all the tempting junk. Batch cook your food and freeze meals so that you take the lack of time out of it. The best way to batch cook or prep is to do it all on a Sunday and then it’s done! There’s nothing wrong with a little treat here and there but you need to be surrounded by healthy choices and pre-made meals to take out the chances for emotional snacking and last-minute take aways.
Schedule 1 group Yoga class per week. The reason I say to do this is not just for the exercise itself but also for the company. My group classes keep me sane, honestly!

So, basically in conclusion. Yes your physical pains are very likely due to the fact you’ve had children. But don’t live forever with them. You don’t have to. Do something about it now and get yourself feeling like you again!

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