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5 Benefits of 1-1 Yoga During Pregnancy

The benefits of Yoga during pregnancy is well known now. To the point where GP’s and midwives even recommend attending Yoga classes during this time.

A recent study found “The evidence highlights positive effects of pregnancy yoga on anxiety, depression, perceived stress, mode of birth and duration of labour.”

I certainly believe classes are amazing, not only for your body, to keep you supple, strong and stable but you’ll meet and probably become long term friends with the people in the group.

So, if group classes are so great then how wonderful would 1-1 sessions be?! Let me tell you

“Amy is an excellent teacher. The pregnancy yoga has been very helpful and she is extremely knowledgeable with lots of guidance. This is my first pregnancy and after every session it leaves me feeling very relaxed and centered. She will re-position you to help you get that extra boost from a pose. She has also sent video links for you to continue the exercises at home, which have been amazing. Highly recommended!” Hemisha Depala

I have broken it down into 5 main benefits, these are:

BENEFIT 1 – Bespoke to you

The start of a 1-1 journey assesses your body, your abilities, and your wishes. You’ll then also go through any injuries you may have had and ones that you’re currently dealing with. You’ll explain what a normal day looks like for you and how your pregnancy is currently affecting your life.

By going through all these details it’s then possible for your teacher to create a plan completely bespoke to you and what you need to live a much freer happier pregnancy.

This will then mean every lesson is created exactly to you. Think of it as that perfectly fitted little black dress, how wonderful does the perfect dress fell on you? Incredible doesn’t it. Well, a bespoke Yoga programme during pregnancy will feel just like that, it’s the weekly treatment every pregnant person should be able to have!

BENEFIT 2 – A continuous eye

This is such an important benefit. I can and do try my absolute best in a group class to keep an eye on what everyone is doing so I can help them adjust as needed, but inevitably I will miss things here and there which means that although they’re still getting a great benefit from coming it’s not as much of a benefit as you’ll get in a 1-1 scenario.

Having the ability to watch you move through every exercise and pose means you can get the absolute most out of every single movement you make.

It also means your body is going to feel those poses a lot more! Yes, in a challenging but truly satisfying way. This also means you’re going to be able to pick things up much more quickly, so when you practice on your own, you’re going to feel much more confident about what you’re doing and therefore much less likely to injure yourself.

BENEFIT 3 – Deeper practice

By having someone there the whole way through to watch you, to check you’re moving into poses correctly and out of poses the best way, to see how much energy you have you’ll get such a deep practice.

Part of the problem doing Yoga during pregnancy is the serious lack of energy. The struggle to breathe and move is real! This rea

lly impacts how long you can sustain a pose and a practice and in a group class you may find there are days you can’t keep up and even though you can and should be encouraged to stop whenever you want to it can leave you feeling a little frustrated because you want to be able to do it all.

This is where 1-1 is fantastic because your teacher should be able to tell when you’re getting too exhausted and can then take the intensity down and maybe even rest completely, if it’s one of those days.

``Thank you Amy for getting me by on my pregnancy!! Exactly what you need while your body ``is going through all the changes. Highly recommend from beginning to end of pregnancy. Look forward to coming back post birth`` Rekha Depala

BENEFIT 4 – Healing injuries and trauma is even more possible

My personal teaching style has always been very focused on healing and preventing injuries and the same applies during pregnancy. In classes you’ll still get a massive chance to heal and prevent by working on strength and stability and realignment and as part of my pregnancy yoga classes we also work on visualisations, mindfulness and healing past traumas and current fears.

In a 1-1 scenario you’d work on the same things but because it’s 1-1, again you get that specific attention to your own details, your own needs and hopes. So, the chance of success is much greater.

BENEFIT 5 – Take home tips specific to your needs

Something I offer to my 1-1 clients is take home videos or pictures, so that you can practice at home too. This is really quite important if you want to see progress. Doing a 1-1 session once a week is lovely but sustaining it is what’s key here and the only way to do that is by doing stuff on your own too.

To make practising at home easier I will either take photos or videos of you as we’re doing the practice, on the specific exercises I’d like you to do on your own or I will even film myself as a follow along short video so you can still practice with me.

When my students do this, I can’t tell you the difference I see! It can really make a huge impact to your pregnancy journey.

I feel so weightless after our sessions which is just amazing in my 3rd trimester! N.H

As you can hopefully see now, you get a lot of benefits in a group class but you get way more in a 1-1 practice during pregnancy.

To find out more just contact me here for a discovery call you can also get my 3 Days to Pregnancy and Birth Confidence Challenge here