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Oh My I Had A C-section, Which Was Completely Unexpected!

In August 2019, I discovered I was pregnant. My husband and I were over the moon but immediately I began to panic about the prospect of labour. Little did I know it would end in a C-section or that my C-section would lead me to create a healing programme for women just like me. 

I began to panic about the prospect of labour. Little did I know it would end in a C-section

Ever since my mum passed away when I was 21, I’ve had a bit of a fear of hospitals. Needless to say, this fear soon escalated when I started thinking about having to go into hospital to have my baby. This is when I started looking into my options and then my midwife mentioned that because I had a low-risk pregnancy, I could have a home birth. Well, this sounded amazing! That was it, I started planning for my home birth experience. My husband made an amazing Spotify playlist, he bought me some wonderful vegan lavender candles, we got the fairy lights out the garage and a birthing pool had been hired. We were ready to go!

2 weeks before our little man was due, we decided to give the birthing pool a test. It worked brilliantly, we knew how long we’d need to fill it and best of all knew the weight of it didn’t make me go crashing into the neighbours below us! 

The next day I got a phone call, that I believe set me on the course of an inevitable C-section. It was the head midwife from Barnet hospital giving the very sad news that due to new covid-19 restrictions I was no longer allowed to have a home birth. Well, that set me off into uncontrollable crying! My lovely husband tried calling them back to see if there was anything that could be done but other than assuring us we could have a room in the birthing centre there was nothing. 

When the labour came, it all just went from bad to worse.

Two weeks after that bad news I thought I’d got my head around the fact I wouldn’t be giving birth at home, but I don’t think I had. When the labour came, it all just went from bad to worse. What with my contractions being insane and then my husband not being allowed to be with me in hospital for 4 hours because of covid restrictions I was just not in a good place mentally at all! 

48 hours after some of my waters had apparently broken the midwives decided it wasn’t progressing so I’d need to be monitored. Another 10 hours later and my labour wasn’t progressing past 4 centimetres so the doctors decided to do a C-section. By this point I was exhausted and happy for it to be over and to meet my baby!

Out he came 30 minutes later, all 7.6 beautiful pounds of him! I was in love, so was his daddy. But his daddy could only stay with us for 1 hour thanks to those covid restrictions again! 

Out he came 30 minutes later, all 7.6 beautiful pounds of him! I was in love, so was his daddy.

The next day came and boy did I start to feel that post surgery pain, the meds they had me on were great though! But I had this really bizarre numbness all in my lower belly and pelvis. The midwives told me this was totally normal and that it would ease, they also said it might never completely go! WHAT THE **** I wish someone had warned me of this though because it was pretty scary. 

I then had a lovely physio come in who told me not to have another baby for at least a year and then gave me a simple pelvic tilt exercise and that was it. 

4 days later (after a nightmare with our boy having jaundice) we were finally allowed to go home. At home I had to keep injecting myself with this stuff to stop blood clots. I ended up asking my husband to inject me in my low belly where I couldn’t feel a thing still! 

I asked the home visitor about this numbness, especially because I had a lot in my butt and again, she told me it was fine but might not go. 

A couple months in and I not only had the numbness but now I had this over hanging belly and lumpiness under my scar. The belly I figured might get better with time but the rest I had to do something about!

I began looking for information and found SWEET F A!

I could not believe the lack of info out there for the normal new mum. You see, because I’m a yoga teacher who has had a lot of training in therapy and post-natal recovery, I already knew a fair bit but still nothing about the differences between vaginal birth recovery and C-section recovery. 

I had to search high and low for videos, books, speak to people I know who have done post-natal recovery training and then put my own common sense into the mix. 

I then created my own self-healing plan. I began with breathing, then resetting my pelvis, then massage and then later on actual core work (NOT CRUNCHES) and in a few months the numbness had pretty much gone! I still have the teeniest bit on my scar but honestly, it’s nothing in comparison! The lumpiness has gone, there’s still a little tightness down there for sure but again it’s way better and with my continued work I have no doubt it will just keep getting better and I don’t have an overhanging belly anymore! 

I then created my own self-healing plan.

Because my plan went so well, I decided to share what I knew about C-section recovery and so offered a free chat on it. I posted it up in a few Facebook groups and was blown away by the amount of interest. In just 3 days I had 130 people registered for it. It turned out SO many women felt the same as me. That they’d had no help and support and had been suffering with the same issues for years!

Now I’m running a 4-week programme teaching women the 4 steps I took to selfheal, in order to empower them to heal themselves as well. 

In my opinion, it’s just not good enough that women are left with no decent advice or support, especially when about 31% of all pregnancies end in C-section so I’m hoping that my programme can be a place for women to learn and heal and feel supported. Whether they had a C-section 6 days ago or 6+ years ago. 

If you’re interested in learning more check out my free chat on C-section recovery here https://training.makesomebreathingspace.com/courses/152/about