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Low Back Pain

Oh we’ve all experienced it haven’t we! That dull ache that you feel when you get up off a chair or bend down to pick something up. Perhaps you’ve experienced it in a Yoga class even, in a back bend most probably. It’s a horrible pain and one most of you probably think is just something you’re going to have to live with. Well I’m here to tell you that’s not the case!

It’s actually not the hardest thing to get rid of but it does require work. What normally causes the problem is a lack of strength and over stretching of the leg muscles. Let’s say you’re an office worker, you sit most of the day, so your front hip flexors are always in flexion and your hamstrings are always in a form of extension. Basically, the front muscles are being over worked while the back muscles are being overly lengthened. This is not a great thing, but it’s the modern body and something I see ALL the time and IT IS FIXABLE.

So how do you fix it? take moments out of the day to stand up, walk around, do a few good squats and make time in your week to exercise and focus on the legs, I’d say at least 3 times a week. Strengthen them and any time you feel your back, think of it as a little indicator telling you to work your legs more, not your back! Just think of that pain as a little reminder, not something you need to identify with and believe is a part of you, because it’s not and doesn’t have to be!

Stick with the work and I promise it will go away in time.

Try booking onto my next workshop and/or retreat where we'll be delving into this very deeply or come to a class, where we work on the legs every single week.

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