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1 Step To Keeping Those New Years Resolutions

Happy new year!

It’s that time of year again, when we all come up with at least one thing we want to do to better ourselves for the year ahead.
How many times have you created a ‘new years resolution’ and sworn blind you’re going to stick to it THIS year? I know I have done this on way more than one occasion. “I’m going to stop eating chocolate”, “I’m going to workout every single day for at least an hour”, “I’m going to be more adventurous”, “I’m going to take a photo of something beautiful everyday”….. I could go on.
So why do we fail on these resolutions every year?

Making a plan

Two years ago, when I was a year away from turning 30 (eeeeeekkkkk) I promised myself I was going to get super fit and healthy. I mean, ok, I have been doing Yoga for 11 years and teaching for 4 of those so I’ve never been unfit exactly, but I just wasn’t completely happy with my body and I started wondering what it is we need to do to make ourselves truly comfortable in our own skin. I looked back on my diet and fitness track record and started noticing a definite pattern.
When I was at my biggest, which was at Uni, I was trying every fad diet out there, then I came home, I stopped trying and somehow I lost 3 stone! This was the theme; every time I tried, I failed, when I didn’t try I didn’t fail. So somehow I had to find a happy medium between the two. Notice I have underlined happy medium? Look at that again, there’s two super important words there: HAPPY and MEDIUM. This is when I realised I had to feel happy with the plans I made and they didn’t need to be too big, they needed to be gradual!

the 1 step to follow!


So this might seem like a really simple statement but I promise you, if you stick to this statement, you will see a difference. I have put a detailed plan for you to follow but the main message in all of it is make it easy for yourself to stick to your goals.
If you don’t do any exercise right now, or you eat chocolate every day, you can’t expect to go cold turkey and make it work. Yes, this can work for some. My sister has quit smoking cold turkey and I take my hat off to her, but for most, cold turkey or all in, just doesn’t work.

The Plan

  • Give yourself a long time
  • Have points to focus towards i.e. feeling good at the next Glastonbury Festival
  • Don’t punish yourself if you fall off the waggon, just get right back on it that evening or the next day
  • Start small and get bigger. So if your plan is to work out, then start with 20 minutes or even less 3 times a week and work your way up to as much as you can manage
  • work around your social life. If you enjoy your weekends, as I do, and like the odd drink or splurge, that’s fine. You’re just going to get straight back on it the next day.
  • This one is just if you’re trying to lose weight: ONLY CHECK THE SCALES ONCE A MONTH! or even better than that, only measure yourself with a tape measure. You can even go as simple as noticing the difference in the way your clothes fit.
  • Give yourself little rewards. I don’t mean having a big chocolate cake if you’ve stopped having chocolate, I mean doing something fun, pampering yourself, buying a new item of clothing, basically something that makes you HAPPY!
Make up your own rules, stay happy and low key and I would love to know how you get on.
Ask me any questions and leave your comments. 

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